Teacher Training

Feri Ebrahimi

Feri Ebrahimi has been an avid yogini for the last 10 years. In July 2012, Feri started Yoga Teacher Training at Liberation Yoga.  She spent 7 weeks in teacher training during which time she learned about the larger scope and significance of yoga...not just as a physical exercise...but as a way of life. The more she learned about the philosophy of yoga, the more she understood why she had always felt such a deep connection to this field. By the time teacher training ended in August 2012, she knew that this was the field and path that she had been searching for all her life. After teacher training finished, she spent several months immersing herself into the world of yoga. Feri built a home practice and spent 3 months assisting her teacher Steven Espinoza. During her apprenticeship with Steven, she deepened her knowledge of proper yoga alignment and learned how to help students achieve more benefit from each pose. She worked with an array of students and formed amazing connections with many different people. Through her time assisting and teaching, she witnessed the beautiful transformation that can happen externally (on a physical level) and internally (on a spiritual level) to students after a very short time of doing yoga.

For Feri, the beauty of Yoga is that it joins the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual facets of a person and then elevates all of them through hard work and growth. Therefore, Yoga is not just a series of physical poses. It is the progression of the soul.

Feri's teaching style is a combination of Vinyasa Flow with pranayama and meditation. Her highest purpose in teaching is to help her students develop a deep connection to their truest and best self. For more information, feel free to visit her website, yogabyferi.com

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