Teacher Training

Sarah Hemphill

I discovered yoga in 1995 when I walked by Integral Yoga, which was located just a couple blocks from my apartment in Greenwich Village, and decided to try a class. I fell in love immediately - the chanting, the incense, the breathing. It was a respite from the asphalt jungle and my high-stress job as a book publicist.  It also began to alleviate the low-back pain that I had since adolescence.  I knew that someday I'd want to teach and spread the word about yoga to others.

After I moved to Los Angeles, my window of opportunity opened.  I completed a 200-hour teacher training at The Center for Yoga (now Yoga Works) in 2003 with Diana Beardsley, with whom I apprenticed and studied Anusara yoga.  I've been teaching ever since--from seniors to preschoolers to at-risk youth.  And I've taught all levels--from restorative to beginners to flow.

My classes focus on balancing tapas (discipline, commitment) with santosha (contentment), by connecting to the quality svadhyaya (awareness of the self).  We work deeply and intelligently in order to cultivate a refined internal observance.  We listen and then respond according to whatever challenges the pose presents.  Sometimes we can go deeper; other times, we need to pause and recalibrate.  The breath is the key.  A typical class might include a theme and pranayama as we work toward a peak pose or series of poses.

I continue to take workshops and trainings so that I can learn more ways to share this amazing practice with students.

I'm grateful to all of my teachers, especially to my husband Jay, the original yogi in our family. And to my kids Cleo and Julian who give me the opportunity to practice off-the-mat every day.

I'm honored to have been teaching at Liberation Yoga since its doors opened in 2004.

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