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TEACHERS: Christine Burke, Pagan, Sarah Isenberg, Jeanne Korn, Mark DeWhitt

Our training will guide you into a deeper understanding of Hatha Yoga and a deeper connection to yourself. It is meant to inspire, nourish and teach the seeker in you. We cover philosophy, breath, sequencing, anatomy, therapeutics, energy body, emotions and yoga and much much more.  This training can serve as the beginning of a rewarding life that includes teaching yoga or an immersion into the heart of a practice that serves you and that you feel passionate about.  Upon completion of the entire program you will be certified through Liberation Yoga and Yoga Alliance as a 200 RYT in the United States.


"I am grateful for Liberation Studio. There are certainly MANY yoga studios in Los Angeles. I find Liberation to be fundamentally different than all other studios I have experienced. The teachers demonstrate compassion for everyone in their class, from a place of holding patiently the space for others to believe in themselves and in this life. I sought out a center of yoga to participate in a 200-hour teacher training, as I too wanted to learn productive ways to help myself feel better in the day-to-day and, down the line, help others. I visited many yoga studios in L.A., including most of the well-known chain establishments. During none of these visits did I have a sense that the studio owners cared about much more than providing a place for body fitness and making a profit.

Christine, co-owner of Liberation, warmly invited me to meet before her Sunday evening class. I walked in and saw this warmth in flickering candles and, to my eye, eclectic East Asian pieces that felt sacred. Christine sat with me, and asked about who I was and what I hoped to gain from a teacher training. She invited me to attend her class in a grounded garden of ivy and wooden pillars and colorful, prayerful tokens. I kept thinking, "wow--if I ever teach a yoga class, this is just how I would want to teach it". Christine opened with a tidbit of philosophy she had been stewing over that week, then led us in a breathing exercise that was new to me. We moved over our yoga mats as she seemingly effortlessly guided and shaped and encouraged us. I felt her confidence in what she was doing, and felt instant trust. As the class winded down and the night air chilled also, we laid back in the final  pose of svasana. Christine and her teaching apprentice handed out sleeping bags to those who wanted them: I felt so warm in the flannel bag and I knew that this place housed depth of thought and heart.

Liberation's 7-week teacher training was rich in opportunities for "life knowledge" and "yoga practitioner knowledge". The daily morning practice I learned has empowered me. I will continue to be present at this studio, and I sincerely hope that the studio can be present for 1000s more people in the years to come."

-Lindsay 2018


"Teacher training at Liberation Yoga was the most life-changing experience. Every night after training I would go home and think how grateful I am to have found such a perfectly balanced studio to deepen my practice at. Every one of the teachers is so passionate, caring and giving about their craft. It was an unforgettable experience, with a beautiful group of women, who will forever be my yogini soul-mates. I can't say enough positive things about my experience there. I've never felt so whole, balanced, and loved. Even though it was rigorous, every bit of information has been thoroughly useful and it really pushed me to listen to my body, mind and spirit. I felt connected to myself at a deeper level after the training. A wonderful opportunity to delve deep into this ancient, spiritually cleansing practice, and find one's true inner needs. I cannot thank Christine and the team enough!"

- Aanch, 2018


"For me, teacher training was a sort of rebirth. It opened my life in a sense of creating space for a more gracious way of living to unfold. Teacher training at Liberation yoga challenged us as students to open our hearts and our perspectives. From the moment you walk into the studio you can sense the loving energy and authenticity of the space. You build not only community, but a sense of belonging and of being 'home'. The strong focus on the philosophy of yoga, which was interwoven throughout the course, also lay a solid foundation that I don't think I could have found anywhere else."

- Joella Enderes, 2014


"The training was a perfect blend of pose instruction and spiritual philosophy, with such a safe and nurturing environment. The instructors were so supportive and gave me personal attention in the areas i needed, and Christine really made the training fun.  This is one of the best things i've ever done for my self-care, well being, and fitness!  

- Johnny Asuncion, 2014


*Teacher Training is non-refundable. In the case of extreme extenuating circumstances developing or preventative medical conditions, the course may be taken at an alternative time. Thank you for your understanding.

DATES: TBD   COST: Early Bird Pricing of $2,650. 

Deposit of $350.00 required to hold a spot

If you have further questions please contact christine@liberationyoga.com

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