Teacher Training

Steven Freedman

Had first started my journey into yoga studying with Ganga White, and Anna Forrest, at the White Lotus in the hills of Ojai. I was lucky in that I found some of the finest teachers in Los Angles at the time. All formes of yoga were being taught. Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda, and Iyengar style. A true learning experience.

After a few years of studying, I began teacher training at the Center for Yoga. Shortly afterward I was fortunate to be mentored by Max Thomas, a truly gifted teacher. Assisting in his classes for a year was an invaluable assest. Too often newly minted teachers go right out and  teach. I decided that the one on one learning by seeing as an aspiring teacher, is different when seeing as a student. I then began to teach my own classes at the Center, and other studios
Later on I was asked to teach at the newly opened Iyengar center, and was offered  to take their teacher training course, and workshops. I was lucky again with my teachers. They were Iyengar's personally trained teachers, and the information they imparted was and is truly a gift.

For years I had taught exclusivley in the Iyengar method, but I begun to want to include what I had first learned when I fell in love with yoga.

My classes now combine what I know works, not only for me as a teacher, but what I believe works for my students. In my experience if not warmed up properly the body can get hurt in Yoga, like in any other physical endeavour. Improper allignment can do harm if not corrected. My classes begin slow, then moving into more specific areas of the body for greater awarness of ones allignment, including standing asanas which are the foundation for physical yoga. There is movement in many types of salutes to sun, creating heat, flexability, strength and endurance. Some backbends, and inversions are also part of class, with always an emphasis on allignement. Focusing on the individual student while teaching the entire class is central to my teaching.

For years while a senior teacher in both the Center for Yoga, and Yoga Works I had been chosen to mentor teacher training graduates for monthes at a time. Teaching how to teach is a learning experience always enriching.  Like teaching daily classes.

Teaching now at Liberation with Christine and Gary, who I've worked with before, is a sort of yoga de ja vu.

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