Teacher Training

Will Duprey

Will has provided traditional teachings and practices of yogic philosophy in a clear, concise and humorous manner to thousands of students from beginner practitioners all the way to advanced teachers and everyone in between for over 10 years. Growing up in Vermont steeped in a native spiritual culture, WIll learned at a young age to listen to the land, meditate with the mountain and breathe with the wind. This nature boy grew up into a rebellious punk-rocker and skated his way to NYC.

While working on Wall Street in a high stress law job Will accidentally wandered into a yoga studio one day and was instantaneously transported back to his roots. Remembering this strong connection between the breath, the physical postures and the Source. Will immediately left his job and immersed himself in scriptural studies. Devouring texts and sitting at the side of his beloved teacher Sri Dharma Mittra, he eventually received his initiation and blessing to move forward.

Wills teaching led him to Los Angeles where he took up studies of the Siddha medical system. Having lived with his teacher and studied for 5 years Will now incorporates these theories but maintains a strong Hatha approach using the physical poses as a diagnostic tool to meet his students wherever their practice may be.

When not teaching, Will now immerses himself in studies of classical mantra and philosophical texts with his beloved teachers Dr. M.A. Jayashree and Sri M.A. Narasimhan of Mysore, India. Will has traveled the world sharing his teachings and using his sense of humor and laid back nature as tools in translating ancient practices.

Nowadays he lives in Miami Beach with his wife Susan and daughter Mela. He maintains a public teaching schedule, works on staff for several 200 hour teacher training programs all across the country. Team Duprey leads their own Will Duprey Yoga 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and more often than not you will find students in the Duprey home cooking, chanting and enjoying continued studies. Will continues to work as a freelance consultant designing training programs for yoga studios and entrepreneurs working in the field.

A student wrote, “To know Will is to love him, he is a friend who teaches by example and has a deep understanding and respect for the fabric of traditional yoga. This unassuming dude has a staggering depth of knowledge but has found a way to simplify complex concepts for all to understand. This is one punk-rock shaman whose company you want to be in!”

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